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Would you be interested in a game development Twitch stream?

Chat 31 August 2015
I have been pondering this for a while now and a few people (not many though) have been asking if I can help them out with various things involving game development, most of this at the moment is in regards to racing tracks.   I'm going to try it out for the first time tomorrow at about 6pm...
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Racing tracks

Game Development 30 August 2015
Here I'm going to be documenting and displaying some racing tracks that I've been working on. For now though I'll just post some pictures but I'll go over them eventually with some closer pictures.   Battle Angel Alita: Gregory Circuit (Motorball)   Niagara Falls futuristic track
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Tell me how you'd respond to this hypothetical scenario

Chat 27 August 2015
I'd like some input and discussion on the following hypothetical scenario:   Your sibling is married and has two very young children, with a third on the way.  You get on well with them.  A few months before the birth of the third child, they ask if you will babysit their two child...
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Why the hell are devs still ignoring the need for "In...

Gaming 26 August 2015
So, Until Dawn has just come out, and it was one of my most anticipated games of this year, given it's similarities to games like Heavy Rain.  The reviews are in and they're pretty decent.  Except... The GameTrailers review points out that the game lacks an option for inverting Y-axis o...
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call to arms in detroit

Chat 21 August 2015
http://www.foxnews.c...f-call-to-arms/in the page above, theres a story about a guy who shot a thief stealing his car.the thief got shot and bled his way out in the car untill it crashed on a tree. the bad guy died. problem is: the good guy still lost his car due to it being totaled. so, its basi...
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