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The Crew - Beta Impressions

Gaming 24/July/2014
With no controllers plugged in and just using the keyboard, the cars were like they were always constantly on 10% throttle, holding "brake" is rather odd as it puts the car into a burnout situation, so when you release the brake and floor the accelerator then the car just flies off. The game didn...
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Why Still No Legal Options For Digital Films And Tv?

Chat 24/July/2014
This is mind-boggling. I just want to purchase films and TV shows to download and play it on my XBMC-based media device. Very simple right? As far as I can tell, there are still absolutely no services that can do it. And the industry still blames people like me for the widespread problem of pirac...
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I Just Bought The Best Mp3 Player Ever!

Chat 19/July/2014
Since my Cowon iAudio X5 died a while ago (amazing player btw, lasted me years), I had been looking for something to replace it.  I tried out the Archos 48, which is a HDD-based 500GB media device running Android 1.4.  Functionally, it's perfect, but it's way too bulky, and the UI is cu...
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Preparing For A New Pc Build

Hardware and Software 15/July/2014
With new tech being release towards the end of this year I think it will be a fine time to start a new build. Firstly you've got the new series of graphics cards towards the end of the year or the start of next year, then there are new motherboards that are appearing at a similar time with the ne...
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Just Pre-Ordered An Uhd Monitor

Hardware and Software 11/July/2014
UHD monitors have been something of an expensive commodity, thousands of pounds for such a large resolution that you can get for about £500 with 4 single monitors. Sure you'll get the bezel in the way but essentially you'll get the same resolution. Then G-Sync has also started to make the rounds...
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