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Microsoft's Project HoloLens

Hardware and Software 22 January 2015
If there is one thing that was great other than Windows 10 the can be upgraded for free from Windows 7 and 8/8.1 mentioned at the Microsoft conference yesterday, it has to be Project HoloLens. I'm sure everyone is waiting for Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift, and even OSVR, but here comes something...
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Design Breakdowns - good idea?

Chat 15 January 2015
I have been toying with this idea for a while now. Coming from a Games Design background I obviously have the mindset to fully breakdown a concept or released product so I've been thinking, do you think tutorials on taking games, breaking down their functionality, and then showing how they were c...
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inFAMOUS First Light free on PS+ now!

Gaming 14 January 2015
I'm not sure if anyone knows about this but inFAMOUS First Light is now free for PS+ subscribers. I've just started downloading it to my PS4 just in case they made a cock-up somewhere along the lines.
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Japan - what should I visit?

Chat 13 January 2015
This year I'm heading to Japan for the first time and I have saved a fair chunk of cash before it's all blown on this holiday, however as I have never been to Japan I want to know what are the best places to visit (if you know any)? I do have some ideas so far: Tokyo Tower and the surrounding are...
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Progress Bar now added

Announcements 13 January 2015
Instead of needing to put a percentage and having things hidden away within text, you can now structure things out better and separate your progress simpler by now adding a visual progress bar to your posts. To use them you just need to use the [ progress ] BBCode and in between the tags just add...
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