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Microsoft announces Windows 10

Hardware and Software 01 October 2014
So we've had Windows 8 and 8.1 but where's Windows 9? Well I'll let this video mention why (plus a small amount of new features) though it seems like they've moved on from the horrendous mistake of that was Windows 8's UI. They have added a much needed feature that is Multiple Desktops which is o...
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Oculus Crescent Bay Prototype

Gaming 21 September 2014
We’re thrilled to welcome nearly 1,000 developers from around the world to Oculus Connect, our first developer conference. If you’re not at the event, you can join us for the remaining keynotes live on www.twitch.tv/oculus. Michael Abrash will be speaking next starting at 10:30am PST, and...
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Microsoft buys Mojang and Minecraft for $2.5bn

Gaming 16 September 2014
  Microsoft has bought Mojang and Minecraft in a deal worth an incredible $2.5bn, it's announced.   Xbox boss Phil Spencer vowed to continue to "make Minecraft available" across non-PC and Xbox platforms, including iOS, Android and PlayStation.   After the sale is complete Minecra...
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The Walking Dead: Season 2

Gaming 01 September 2014
Just completed this last night and I have to say that, while the story is more fleshed out compared to the first, the gameplay was certainly lacking compared to the first, especially the final episode where it just felt like there was zero interaction, it was as if the designers did not know what...
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Recent Purchases

Chat 19 August 2014
Did not realise that this topic hasn't been added here yet so here goes!   Blu-Ray Steins;Gate - One of my all time favourite anime series. It's funny, sad, and involves a student who is a crazy scientist that invents the time machine with a mobile phone and a microwave! If you haven't...
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