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Chat 19/August/2014
Did not realise that this topic hasn't been added here yet so here goes!   Blu-Ray Steins;Gate - One of my all time favourite anime series. It's funny, sad, and involves a student who is a crazy scientist that invents the time machine with a mobile phone and a microwave! If you haven't...
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Forum Bugs And Server Issues

Chat 13/August/2014
I thought it may be worth sharing some of my experiences with the new forums here.   First, the biggest issue I've had is with performance and availability.  The site seems to have been down numerous times, often for long periods (e.g. hours at a time), which is quite concerning given t...
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Gamescom 2014 Press Conferences

Gaming 13/August/2014
This thread is for discussion of the Gamescom 2014 press conferences and news.  Microsoft's press conference was yesterday at 14:00 and Sony's was at 19:00.  So far, I've only been able to watch the Sony conference, since I was working during the Microsoft show, so for now I'll mostly j...
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The Crew - Beta Impressions

Gaming 24/July/2014
With no controllers plugged in and just using the keyboard, the cars were like they were always constantly on 10% throttle, holding "brake" is rather odd as it puts the car into a burnout situation, so when you release the brake and floor the accelerator then the car just flies off. The game didn...
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Why Still No Legal Options For Digital Films And Tv?

Chat 24/July/2014
This is mind-boggling. I just want to purchase films and TV shows to download and play it on my XBMC-based media device. Very simple right? As far as I can tell, there are still absolutely no services that can do it. And the industry still blames people like me for the widespread problem of pirac...
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