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Cities: Skylines - Tron Conversion

Game Development 23 March 2015
After playing Cities Skylines and then testing out how easy it is to mod the game, I thought it would be a good idea to make a full conversion to something rather different, Tron! From what I have tried so far is only the automatic buildings for the Industry, Commercial, and Residential zones and...
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Homeworld Remastered Wipeout Team Badges

Game Development 18 March 2015
  I have just released my second set of Homeworld Remastered badges, this time it is the team logos that are used for badges in Homeworld RM.   Initially I did about 12 badges that was done via Photoshop however I have since removed these as I was not happy with them. Since then I dec...
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Is there a reason why the Projects forums are protected?

Chat 12 March 2015
I just noticed that the Projects forums (Game Development and Web Development) are both inaccessible unless I'm signed in.  Is there a reason for this?   I think it would help visibility of my Spindizzy project threa (e.g. for search engine indexing) and other threads if the forum was a...
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Project Morpheus launching in first half of 2016!

Gaming 04 March 2015
IT'S HAPPENING!   They've improved the headset quite a lot too.  It's now 5.7" OLED and 120Hz, with 100 degree FOV.  Apparently, Sony are actually pushing for 120FPS native framerate in PS4 VR games.  They're also claiming that the unit can be used with glasses, which is grea...
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Unreal Engine 4 is now free!

Gaming 02 March 2015
I never thought that this would happen so soon but Epic have done something I am really amazed about, they have made Unreal Engine 4 free to use with only a 5% royalties to pay to them if you turn a profit, that is quite an amazing piece of value.  
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