Welcome to I-Dev

If all of you are wondering "what is I-Dev and what does it stand for?" then let me tell you:

Over the years I and a few of my friends have been developing software and have been helping each other out. I initially started a site called "Nexus Realms" so that I can keep everyone together (including other people). Nexus Realms however was supposed to turn into a company venture that did not take off, we were supposed to create games but unfortunately us University friends took our own paths. I kept the site running as long as possible but in the end a new start was required.

In comes I-Dev which is short for "I Develop". The focus for this site is to help new talent find their way into the software industry, be it web design, computer games, desktop software or anything else. The ideal for this site is for users to form teams, create projects, build up their portfolios and then having solid footing in order to find the career of their dreams.

As more users arrive and become more skilled, what I would like to happen is that these users use their skills and create tutorials. These tutorials will then be posted on the site for others to use and gain more information. Found something that no one else has done? Create a tutorial. Struggled with a function and there's no tutorial on it? Post it up so you don't forget and share the knowledge with other users. As the site grows there will also be competitions and many other perks that will eventually come.

There is one thing that I will do though is to keep the website 100% advert free. I don't like adverts or anything similar so you will always have a clean website to visit each time. My moto is to always have all learning material free to all. If there are to be video tutorials (that I have done) then they will be uploaded to Youtube.

If you are interested in joining a community where this will all happen then please sign up on the messageboards and get to know us and help improve not only us but yourself.

Aaron Varshney (Varsh)

I-Dev Owner - "Create, Share and Inspire"

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